Jesus and The Way

strict religious society–more normative society


predestination–no predestination

(Parable of the Prodigal Son)


hating enemies–loving enemies

DSS quotes

Jn. 15.25,  “They hated me without a cause.”


Keepers of secret knowledge–Revealer of secret knowledge (x)

[quotes from Dead Sea Scrolls, community rule, office of the Master]

Parable teaching meant only for the priesthood is revealed.

Spoke to soul identity (disciples) (himself) (Pharisees, Ossean Essene)


ministry within the group (commune)–ministry to all, all included (in the kingdom) (x)


Covenant is Law, for justice, and for purity–Love/Forgiveness, communion with God (by actions, not just ritual), the awakening of the spirit within (k)


The Demiurge (Evil) can be overcome by purity & Law (outward attribution)–Demiurge is overcome (delivered by) the spirit (within) (inward attribution) (k)

Jesus taught that sin was created at the moment, that is, that you originate sin, but other than your creation of it, sin does not exist; there are evil influences, but there is no evil creator concerning the earth plane-all is God, all is one. For the person, this equates to wholeness.


The Law is the guide (detail of the law (“…study the law continually”)–spirit is the guide (revealed knowledge, pathway, (“Be like God.”) (k)



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