Open Letter

Welcome to The Way Missions,

The Way is a teaching and a path intended to further awaken the individual unto the Spirit of God, the Kingdom within.  The practice of the Way is to sow good seed, speak from the spirit (Word), and through prayer, is intended to allow each person to move toward the greater goal of Christ-like character.

Also dedicated to knowledge and wisdom, the articles on this site are intended to illustrate the principles of the Way, which has early roots in biblical history, ending in the fullness of Yeshua Messiah (Anointed One).

Daily practice is encouraged, even if an assist to the pathway you are currently walking (see E-book), whether spiritual or specifically religious.  Reading but not practicing will not deliver the full benefits of the Way.

If you have given up, have felt lost, or have no path at all, practicing in the Way can deliver a spirit-led approach that can yield significant benefits.  The Way should not be confused with cultish behavior, for its value always pertains to the Child of God, their pathway, and life mission.


The essential elements of the Way are Belief-Faith, a spiritual quality that initiates all constructive endeavors; Love-Forgiveness, two attributes that touch all aspects of the soul nature;                                                                  Knowledge-Wisdom, providing depth and substance, and consistency to all aspects of the pathway.










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